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Deere Minmetal Group is the U.K. joint venture engaged in providing engineering technology,Metals & Metallurgy, Chemical & Mining, Cement and Construction, Refinery and Petrochemical, Green resource and Energy, etc. specializes in project engineering, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance and project management.
What we do
Our group has invested and shared holder many manufacturers involved casting, forging, punching, Refractory product, assembly & engineering construction field , and exporting Floatation Reagent. .We pay attention to technical solution and design innovation, to undertake the joint design and manufacture and financial services of international projects.
Our Advantages
From experienced casting experts, to castings production capacity, from 0.5 pounds to 4000 pounds, including the production and manufacture of guidance and selection of mechanical processing and surface of value-added services, the most economical solution for large casting projects custom castings four criteria: accuracy, universality, integrity, and finish.
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