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Hill is our credibility, River is our service.
Shenyang minmetals Inc. is a company specialized in the production of castings, supply the services of metal products and metal parts processing and manufacturing. Successfully to help the global customers with purchasing and reducing the whole production cost. Involved with the mining, metallurgy and petroleum industry as well as vehicles and ships, and so on. More than 95% of products exported to the Europe, the United States and other countries.

We have the professional graphics software, including CAD, PRO/E, UG, CATIA, SOLIDWORKS. we control the quality management during each production process step, to ensure good service of high quality, also the reasonable price.
Who we are
Shenyang MinMetal Inc. Located in center industry Shenyang,China. We inherit the history of 30years development.We have developed to be produce and investment, we take advantage of the professional resources, tech.aided design, quality inspection and assurance, as well the product after-sale service and law protection, made us to be the international supplier.
What we do
We help customer to optimize the resources to save purchasing cost and working time. Let the customers to enjoy the cost saving and high efficiency. We could help customer to set up warehouse in China,and help to finance the long term purchase. We have set up many strategic partnerships with the customers, through the finance support, and shareholder cooperation, have set up tight enterprise cooperation and international marketing. To help our group enterprises to do the products distribution in the world market.
Our Advantages
From experienced casting experts to castings production capacity, range from 0.5 pounds to 4000 pounds, including the product and manufacture guidance , as well as the selection of mechanical processing and surface of value-added services, offer the most economical solution for large casting projects. The four criteria custom castings : accuracy, universality, integrity, and finish.
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