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  • Who we are

    Who we are

    Deere Minmetal Group Co.,Ltd is U.K. Group company established by Shenyang Minmetal Import & Export Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Deere Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Liaoning Dongyu Chemical Mining Corp., Germany Aachen University of Technology Foundry R&D Company and European Magnesium Aluminum Research Association. Shenyang Minmetal originated from the China Minmetal(1950)-Shenyang by the private reform;Deere Heavy Industry engineers originated Anshan Steel Mill Group and Angang Iron steel Group Designing Institute (1917). As a non-metallic mineral powder filler production plant in China, Liaoning Dongyu Chemical Mining Corp. is an important node of the national coastal development and opening strategy and a practice group of the Belt and Road. It has manganese ore, coal mines, talc mines, etc. in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

  • What we do

    What we do

     Over the years, Deere Minmetal has insisted on the development and deep cultivation of key core markets, and has now formed a marketing and service network in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and other global markets.Through capital integration such as holding and shareholding, the Group has 20 enterprises including international trade, technology research and development, and manufacturing in lots of provinces.Together with the Aachen University of Technology R&D and Northeastern University, we are committed to simulating and optimizing the casting process, improving product quality, and providing one-stop overall supply chain packaging value service and design R&D services for customers and engineering projects.Involved in the fields of metal casting, forging, stamping, refractory materials, assembly and engineering construction, export of heavy machinery and mining equipment.

  • Our advantages

    Our advantages

    We have established a good reputation and extensive cooperation with our customers. It has formed business segments such as international engineering joint design, high-end production and manufacturing, financing services and multinational operations, international logistics and transportation.

  • Our Prospects

    Our Prospects

    Enterprise Philosophy /Make it simple, open and happen.
    Enterprise Mission/ To help customer create value-adding.
    Enterprise Vision //To provide the full set of private tech. solution for worldwide steel , mine and equipment manufacturing industry.

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