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  • Brief Introduction to the company

    Brief Introduction to the company

    Deere Minmetal Group Co., Ltd is the U.K. joint venture mainly between Shenyang Minmetal Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd. and Deere Heavy Ind.Shenyang Minmetal originated from the China Minmetal(1950)-Shenyang by the private reform. Deere Heavy Industry engineers originated Anshan Steel Mill Group and Angang Iron steel Group Designing Institute (1917).

    Our group has invested and shared holder many manufacturers involved Casting, Forging, Punching,Floatation reagent,Talc Refractory material, Assembly & engineering construction field , and exporting the heavy machine and the mining equipment .We pay attention to technical solution and design innovation, to undertake the joint design and manufacture and financial services of international projects.
  • Group strategic function

    Group strategic function

    1) DMG provides O2O and international marketing  window and solution services for the China Foundry                 
         Association and the China Foundry Association Wisdom cloud.
    2) DMG imput investment and production with patented technology with CQJ Industrial park. 
    3) DMG investment and Shareholder talc mining.  
    4) DMG carry out metallurgical projects.
    5) DMG investment and shareholder production line intelligentialization upgrade and reform.
  • Organization & Management System

    Organization & Management System

  • Enterprise Culture

    Enterprise Culture

    Enterprise Philosophy
    Make it simple, open and happen.

    Enterprise Mission
    To help customer create value-adding.

    Enterprise Vision
    To provide the full set of private tech. solution for worldwide steel , mine and equipment manufacturing industry.


  • Main Customers

    Main Customers

  •  Cooperation Partner

    Cooperation Partner

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